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Haslam Fisher provides you with the talent you need to stay one step ahead of your competitors. We attract and interact with only the very best candidates and we take the time to find out what makes them tick.  Our focus is on listening to the needs of our clients before sourcing the right people with the right aspirations, in order to build long-term relationships.  

The majority of our business is obtained from personal referrals and repeat clients. It's a testament to the outstanding service we provide and the time we invest in helping them to achieve their goals.

Engaged Vs Contingency

There are 2 search plans available to our clients.


Engaged Plan

Working on an engaged basis means that we are able to work closely with our clients to gain a clear understanding of what this critical hire means for their business. We focus on their business strategy, pain points, culture fit, and the type of individual they feel will best suit their business.  We agree on a methodology for finding the best candidates for the role, and we execute. It's a rigorous process that requires significant headhunting skills, a strong network upon which to call, and in-depth knowledge of an organisation's needs.  


Clients can expect a comprehensive shortlist of three to five candidates with the ideal skills, location, salary, etc.  They just then have to make a decision about which one they wish to hire.


Due to the complexity of these searches, we work on a deposit-led basis, where a small proportion of the agreed fee is applicable at the commencement of the search, and the remainder of the fee is applicable upon completion. 

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Contingency Plan

There is no fee payable with the Contingency Plan unless a placement is made. Therefore, this is more of a reactive approach to recruitment and is often utlised by businesses that are looking to fill entry-level to mid-level roles.  It is not always our first choice, however, it is sometimes the best route forward if there are budget restraints or a candidate is needed quickly.

On this type of plan, we would typically stay away from multi-agency recruitment. It is important to us to have a genuine relationship with employers whereby we work alongside them to identify the right candidate. The better we know you, the more likely we are to understand what it is you need in a team member, no matter the turnaround.

Contact one of our consultants below to discuss which options best suit your hiring needs.

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